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And the Father of Lana’s Baby is….

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Somewhere Krieger is laughing that Lana is pregnant and I think he tried to play God again. No, Krieger is not the father but yet I am sure he had something to do with the pregnancy. I am sure he will be behind providing her all the neonatal care she needs. Viva la Piggly!

However, I am 100% sure Archer is the father of this super spy-child because of the show. Three things normally happen when a show begins to decline and that is:

1. A main character dies

2. A character gets pregnant

3. A plane crashes on a remote island stranding the survivors

Well, maybe the last point may come from my bitterness from the ending of LOST but I did see a similar scenario on Grey’s Anatomy, so I am not that far off. However, in FX’s Archer, we have a solid cast that simply “works”. One would have to wonder why the writers would mess that up or tinker with the prize winning formula. Remember, in LOST, when some of the survivors returned to civilization and all was well with the world then Jack, summoning the power of his nasty beard persuades everyone to return to the Island wrecking the lives of the ones who were left behind, despite everyone being pretty happy (of course not Sayid and Sun). Well, having Lana pregnant may be a train wrecking waiting to happen because we all know the foundation of the show is as much Archer as it centers around a group of single (forgetting Cyril and the wee baby Seamus) ISIS employees and their navigation around the single life. So, Yes I am implying that Mrs. Archer marrying “Ron” was a HUGE mistake because its inconsistent with the show thus far.

Nevertheless, the father of this child has to be Archer because we all know that no matter how hard Lana tries she can not escape the Sterling Archer Express and I felt this season was building up to the “big revelation”.

With all this ranting you may ask, what do I have in the way of proof that Archer is the father; well, I have one episode and that was episode 10 of the 4th season titled “Un Chien Tangerine” when she and Archer went to get Agent Kazak (the Dog). The opener of this episode Archer was naked on the bed and she was on the floor in only underpants– no one else was there despite Archer saying that he brought some co-eds up.

So this leads me to believe that:

(1)Either the two of them were drugged, or

(2) Someone is lying about “last night”.

Also, they both admitted to a hazy night.

To mention: After flocking to the web to read the comments of other fans, some fans believe Barry to be the father but I believe this to be nothing more than “Evil-Barry” fodder and an interesting idea but no– she is Mrs. Sterling Archer- period. Also, in this season they have all but pushed the Barry-Katya storyline to the curb. In my opinion, by killing Katya last season and then after she comes back as a cyborg, and have her “screw” Barry and then have her trick Archer into bringing Barry back, I think its safe to say that, that attraction is dead- like the real Katya. Remember Archers, vacuum incident as a young boy?

Also, Lana mumbled “donor” when responding to Cyril when asking about the child’s father which can mean she does not want to admit it or that she is not ready to accept it (that Archer is the father) or that she (like Mallory) is unsure. Remember Krieger visiting a young-boy Archer?

Others say, Ray may be the father because of his question “where is she registered?” but I believe that to be a reference to a purchasing a baby shower gift and not a throwback to a past season when she asked Ray to impregnate her while possibly drunk. So, this was not meant to mean that Ray was asking which sperm bank she was registered at as some have suggested. In the end, I just don’t see Lana flipping a coin when it comes to the paternity of her future child. She is way too picky for that and if that were the case she would have gotten pregnant by now and she is an attractive enough women to not need to beg for anything in the sexual category.

So, I am willing to say that if she did, indeed, go to a sperm bank (which is possible) Archer would still somehow be the father in some weird turn of events like he was not the father of Trunette’s baby (the wee baby Seamus). He will be the father of this child. Also, this show gives us very little in the way of a time line, so it possible that she got pregnant before Archer went on his rampage- I know she said she was 5-weeks along but since this is a cartoon, each episode could be a week or a day in “real” time.

I honestly believe Archer to be the father because this season was all about building Archer into something new- a Dad. He took care of Agent Kazak, he is an excellent chef, a step-father and in the end he would sacrifice his very life to save Lana, his only friend in the world (no mention of Agent Luke).

In this season, we saw there is more to him then being a secret agent man. He is who he is because of his mother, childhood and being sexually assaulted even into adulthood. I hope those watching can see that as much as this show is funny, it is also pretty sad and depressing. We see a kid that was always alone, pudgy, a cold-distant mother who loved her dog more than her own son– who (even into adulthood) is still vying for his mothers affection.

A baby would be a new start, a chance to start a new life and be the father he never had. I know a zebra hardly changes its stripes but I think Archer will at least try. I am willing to bet that in the next season he and Lana may try “the normal” life until they find an underground terrorist cell in the child’s daycare.

Again, I would believe Krieger had something to do with her getting pregnant in that he tried playing matchmaker or playing with genes.

Some possible other ideas of Lana’s baby days were:

1. Conway, the black spy from the last season that stabbed Archer- but I also feel this is too much of a stretch. There was not attraction there at all.

One last time, I think this is Krieger playing God with two people’s lives, like he always does. Either way, Barry, Ray, Conway, Cyril etc SHOULD NOT EVER be the father because it’s inconsistent with the storyline.

Looking forward, now it’s feasible that Season 5’s opener will be Archer and Lana married, trying to raise a kid and or Lana trying to deny the fact that the kids’ piercing blue eyes and jet black hair are not a dead giveaway that Archer is the father.

While I am ranting, on a side note, I first thought that Archer’s best friend Agent Luke who went to work for ODIN after his ISIS training would have make a good match for Lana BUT the writers (again) wrote themselves in a box by making him gay and Lana supposedly killed him. Personally, I think that Luke as a love interest would have been an interesting storyline for Lana and proving that she really tried to move on from Archer– which I NOW know she can’t. To have Lana move on, with possibly a better agent and a person who makes her genuinely happy would have been nice and it would have been consistent with the storyline. Archer as the aging bachelor agent and Lana as the former agent now turned “soccer mom” who has never forgotten the spy-life but choose a different path.

The real shame is, Archer needs some real show competition, I liked ODIN and Barry as the rival agency but the writers had to make him a cyborg and never mention ODIN.

If the writers add another “weak” supporting character this will overall weaken the show. I just don’t seem them adding an additional component because the cast they have works and this season was all about seeing Lana and Archer long-term, possible married and in a long but yet dysfunctional relationship. We all know what drives the show is the Archer/Lana love/hate relationship.

What some many people fail to realize is that the show can not go on forever (unlike my post) and there needs to be some sort of character development and we need to hit a conclusion before the show jumps the shark.


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