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Case Histories Season 1 Episode 1

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Airing in limited release, Jack Brodie(played by Jason Issacs) is the former soldier turned policeman- now a private investigator who makes his living solving the unsolvable and taking on his conscience. If he’s not searching for a Binky Rain’s missing cat, solving the murder of a young woman or he is on the 30 year old cold case of the neighbors missing sister. O yea and he played Malfoy’s blonde haired Dad on Harry Potter.

The first case involves the Land sisters, Julia(played by Natasha Little) and Amelia (played by Fenella Woodgar) who, when cleaning out their fathers home stumble upon ‘Blue Mouse’ we learn that ‘Blue Mouse’ was the toy of choice for their missing young sister Olivia- who they believed was snatched one night while the other girls slept in a tent. Finding the toy that had also been missing for 30 years, they soon been to speculate that their father knew more about the young girls disappearance then first thought. So, the ask Jackson Brodie to solve the case.

Although originally reluctant, Brodie sets on the trail drawing from his feelings of being a father of an 8-year-old named Marlee and also being knowing the heartache of being a survivor of a family tragedy; having his sister murdered when he was a young boy. Brodie decided to help the two sisters.

Additionally, he decides to take on another murder case involving a sweet young girl by the name of Laura Wyre (played by Rose Leslie) that was brutally stabbed in her fathers’ office after her father begs Brodie to help him. His name is Theo Wyre (played by Phil Davis), his daughter was murdered by a man wearing a yellow shirt and Wyre is convinced the murderers intended target was him. Brodie, after seeing the mans’ extensive collection of details to everything in the case and finding that the case is still active by local police Brodie decides for the sake of resolution (something he and his family never received after his sisters murder). He decides to employ the help of his former colleague and “woman on the inside” DI Louise Munroe, who is Brodie only true friend and one who looks to desire more from him.

Lastly, the third case is given to him by a temptress in a bar. Her name is Shirley Manning and after a sexual encounter with her she asks Brodie to find her niece Tanya. She tells him her sister, Michelle, not being able to handle the mental stresses of having a child and being in an abusive relationship- snapped and killed her then live in boyfriend she was sentenced to several years in prison. She has since been released and has made it clear that she does not want to be found. However, Shirley had agreed to take care of Michelle’s little girl Tanya but gave her up years a go. Brodie soon finds that things are not as they seem with this case and Tanya too has a record mixed in drugs and prostitution.

The interesting thing about Case Files is, unlike many other private investigator stories, Brodie is set out to solve more than one case. The throwbacks to his own tortured childhood are ‘typical’ but  the trio of complex cases to solve make the show a lot more interesting and also the underlying theme in this episode and the over-arching moral that we all have a dysfunctional family and that we all must continually rise from the hurt and pain of our childhood to do good.

On a sunday afternoon, if your looking for a mystery that is both intriguing and good natured- this program is just it. However, be warned that the program does feature a few sexual scenes and innuendo’s that may not be suitable for a younger audience.

Grade: B+

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