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Best Spider Movies List

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Spiders movie posterOur eight-legged arachnid friends may give most people the creeps, but they certainly make for great cinema at times. While the best spider movies list may have a moderate number of films, it certainly showcases the quality of some great horror stories and other quirky movies that have proved that spiders are entertaining too.

While not a ranking, this is a list of spider movies that includes some of the top spider films of all time. You will find titles that are iconic, classic and others that were momentary hits, but offer a nice Friday night flick for true fans of the creepy critters.

Top Spider Movies of All Time

(films listed in chronological order)

Eight-Legged Freaks (2002) – David Arquette, Kari Wuhrer and Scott Terra star in this modern spider film about a town that is overrun by spiders that are mutated by noxious chemicals. A rare title that takes arachnids to supernatural size.

Arachnophobia (1990) – One of the most well-rounded and best spider movies of all time. John Goodman stars as the heroic pest controller brought in when a killer breed of South American spiders makes its way to a US town in a coffin and produces deadly results. A nice blend of good story with creepy spider cinematography.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) His character may be remembered more for his close encounters with snakes, but no Indy scene was more creepy than the opening tunnel betrayal when he has to brush several huge bird spiders off his chest.

Kingdom of Spiders (1977) This William Shatner film may not have the longevity of his Star Trek movies, but it offers a compelling sci-fi horror story about a murder detective who stumbles upon hoards of migrating spiders.

Charlotte’s Web (1973) No doubt the best animated spider movie ever and a great animated family adventure, regardless of theme. Updated in 2006, this classic story may center on Wilbur the pig, but the amazing writing spider Charlotte is the true heroine.

Tarantula (1955) One of the earliest greats on our list of spider movies, this sci-fi horror flick depicts a genetically altered giant spider escaping from its desert laboratory to wreak havoc.

Do you have other favorites you feel deserve mention along with the titles included in our best spider movies list? Simple add a comment and indicate why you believe the film should be recognized as one of the top spider movies of all time.

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