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Best Ashton Kutcher Movies List: Top 5

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Ashton Kutcher and Demi MooreTo some people, Ashton Kutcher is the guy that started the hit TV show “Punk’d”. To others, he is “Mrs. Demi Moore”, his actress wife 18 years his elder. In reality, he is a multi-talented entertainment professional with several quality titles on the top 5 Ashton Kutcher movies list. Despite being only 40 years old and only having been a prominent film actor for 15 years, Damon is a rare talent who has had very few duds in his acting career.

As evidenced by their strong inclusion in our best Ashton Kutcher movies list, romantic comedies appear to be the genre of choice, or best fit for the actor, who has also produced and directed some films.

This best Ashton Kutcher movies list features the top Ashton Kutcher films of all time, including only titles that he has starred in that have already released. In order to be included in this top 5 Ashton Kutcher movies list, each film must have been critically and/or commercially successful, had long-lasting impact in entertainment, and Kutcher must have played a prominent role. Author discretion is the final criteria used to distinguish these best Ashton Kutcher films.

Top 5 Best Ashton Kutcher Movies List

5. Just Married (2003) - The reality that Kutcher’s co-star Brittany Murphy died just over a year ago brings up sad memories, but this romantic comedy about a newlywed struggling to enjoy a European honeymoon is quite entertaining.

4. Killers (2010) - While this film was not overly well-received and the idea of Kutcher as a cold-blooded assassin seems a stretch, he really does demonstrate versatility and talent opposite Katherine Heigl in this unique romantic comedy.

3. A Lot Like Love (2005) - The best Ashton Kutcher movie in the romantic comedy genre because it offers a deeper and more impacting story about two friends who struggle with their ability to become more. Includes a memorable recreation of the classic John Cusack Say Anything stereo over his head scene at the end.

2. The Guardian (2006) - Another drama film that showcases the actor’s versatility. Kutcher plays a high school swim champion whose limits are tested by an accomplished legendary rescue swimmer hero at the US Coast Guard training school.

1. The Butterfly Effect (2004) - This sci-fi drama film not only was the most successful Kutcher film, it helped break him out of his mold as a cheesy romantic comedy actor. His portrayal of a young man trying to remember tragic memories of his youth proves his depth of talent.

Other top Ashton Kutcher movies considered for the list: No Strings Attached (2011), Valentine’s Day (2010), Personal Effects (2009), Spread (2009), What Happens in Vegas (2008), Bobby (2006), Guess Who (2005), My Boss’s Daughter (2003)

To add one of your favorites to this top Ashton Kutcher movies list, simply add a comment and let us know what other top Ashton Kutcher films you enjoy.

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